Yellow Bird House For Canary

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New Yellow Bird House

Yellow bird house – Canary native to the Canary Islands is a small bird in the family. In nature, the Canary Islands are often a brownish-green rock that resembles a sparrow. However, some mutations captivity bred to exhibit a yellow rock, creating yellow canary. Whether you are looking to attract wild yellow canaries in your garden or give a home for your pet, build your own birdhouse can be a fun project.

Pull out the dimensions of your yellow bird house on the sheet of plywood with a pencil. Identifying the front and rear sides of the poultry house those two rectangles measuring 6 1/2 inches by 8 5/8 inches. Draw a dot or some kind of indicator of 8 5/8-inch sides of the rectangle with a pencil.

Cut the sides of the house with a jigsaw. Then cutting 1:01 half-inch diameter hole in front bird housing to act as an input. And then place your pieces on a workbench. Adjust the pieces so that all cut to the correct dimensions. Install floor attachments to the inside front and back wall of the house with the help of a hammer and nails. Attach the roof halves to the front, rear and side walls of the yellow bird house. Finish each side of the house with the help of sandpaper.

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