Wide Plank Distressed Hardwood Flooring

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Buying Hardwood Flooring

Distressed wood flooring is one of the best solutions to go back to the nature. The charm of heartwarming nature is represented well by natural distressed wood flooring, which now we can get the variety of it much easier. Who said that distressed wood flooring would be suitable for nature and traditional concept only? Now you can check the ideas to discover the truth.Distressed wood flooring for various concepts,if you’re a big fan of vintage or classic home concept, tile is not the only solution. Here you can have whitewashed oak flooring to be installed. The color will match the concept and the natural pattern of oak will give the ultimate warmth to your house. Whitewashed antique wood flooring will be totally classics as well. By the help of other whitewashed furniture, your vintage concept reaches the perfection.

Hickory wood flooring is always the most popular choice. It suits the typical old Western home. The darker the hue is the charming this flooring will be is what works with hickory wood. Of course, make sure the rest furniture also comes out in similar tone. Salvaged wood flooring is slightly similar with hickory but it seems rougher and cleaner. It suits most concept hickory wood will suit, so the preference is all yours.

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