White House Birds Eye View

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White House Birds Eye View Awesome

White house birds eye view in shades and intensity, is the most popular exterior color of the house. But white is not just white. There are so many shades of white as there are degrees of sunlight, and finding just the right shade for your home may take some experimentation. Prepare to hang out with paint chips. If the choice is too difficult, just painting parts of the walls in various shades and watch the light play over them for a few days to determine what shade works best.


Colonial home is a classic white house birds eye view, often with black trim and contrasting front doors in black, red or dark green. You can easily soften the color of a clapboard exterior with the hint of yellow in white to a shade that looks like rich cream. If you live in a neighborhood of white colonialists, view adjacent homes in different lights to get a feel of the white remains clean and fresh. Ask your neighbors who paints they use. Your good-looking, gray-white exterior might look dingy on a block of warm white, which will not help its curb appeal.

There is a reason art galleries are all-white walls. The background does not compete with the art, and because white house birds eye view contains all colors, holds the background what is in front of it. When your home is a stark modern sculpture, treat it as a work of art, and let the form be the star.

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