When The Vent Pipe Not Fit On Your Jotul Wood Stove

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When The Vent Pipe Not Fit On Your Jotul Wood Stove – Jotul is a company located in Norway, Jotul been producing wood stoves since 1853 and Jotul now making wood stoves that meet US emissions standards. After installing a new Jotul wood stove in your home, you may find that the flue or vent pipe on the stove does not match the diameter of the stove pipe in your home. You can easily fix the problem by buying and installing a reducer to match the stove pipe to the vent pipe of the wood stove.

Measure the diameter of the flue at the back of Jotul wood stove. Most of these heaters have a duct that is 6 inches in diameter. Buy a reduction of Jotul wood stove. The chimney reducer is a three-piece element. One end is 6 inches in diameter to fit with the Jotul wood stove, and the other end is 8 inches in diameter to fit with the stove pipe.

Fix the reducer to Jotul wood stove by mounting it in place over the flue. Adjust reduction facing towards the wood stove pipe by turning on 8-inch side of the reduction. Secure the 8-inch side of the reduction to 8-inch stove pipe from above. Add additional sections sized to fit, if necessary, to give the distance between reduction and stove pipe. Insert screws through the stove pipe flange reduction to ensure it stays in place. Use screws and a drill with a screw bit to drill three screws equidistant around the diameter of the reducer and the heater tube. Keep the screws near the edge to attach the two pipes together.

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