Tuscan House Design Ideas

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Tuscan House Decor

Tuscan house design captures the romance and aesthetics in the Italian region of Tuscany. Or dreaming of a rustic farm or direct a large villa is a Tuscan style home is a dream for all lovers of Italy. There are several factors that help to contribute to a Tuscan house, including architecture, engineering, interior design and landscaping. The architecture of a Tuscan style home can make it stand out immediately. Often covered with white, gray or brown stucco is Tuscan home is also characterized by gently sloping roofs of terracotta. Windows Tuscan-style houses are usually elongated arches.

Construction materials have a tendency to take advantage of the materials available in Tuscan house. Natural stone and wood are detailed common elements used in both architecture and interior design. Tiles are abundant, often make the most of the floor, ceiling, and some built-in features such as bathtubs. Marble, travertine and terracotta are popular choices for the tile elements.

Even the architectural design of a home can give a lot to be considered a Tuscan house style furnishings and interior design can truly offer a taste of the Italian countryside to a home. The color scheme must provide rich earth tones, including gold, brown, rust, and sage green. Furniture can vary in style; some people prefer pieces that resemble Italian Renaissance design, while others, ridden, simple pieces to a farm-style aesthetic complement. Most Tuscany-inspired furniture is made of plain or carved wood, but is also popular stone table tops.

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