Tuscan Decor House Ideas

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Tuscan Decor Design

Tuscan Decor – This Italian style originated, as its name implies, the traditional villas of Tuscany, a rural region where farms still maintain a special and unique appearance. A classic house Tuscan style based on walls of limestone and sandstone, which can be replaced in a modern house by plaster or stucco worked to achieve a convincing imitation. The marble is the recommended materials for floors, but because of its high cost can be effectively replaced by rustic tiles. Better still if the strong composition of the tiles shows signs of wear.

Some stores offer new units with this effect achieved through convincing treatment processes. The pavers are highly recommended to achieve similarities with the tuscan decor aspect in the green spaces. The kitchen is, as in every Italian home, an excellent place to gather the family. The Tuscan tradition concentrates the attention on a great central island and the placement of the utensils in open shelves, preferably of wood. The bathroom must, to be considered Tuscan, have elements worked in iron or lead.

This is achieved with pipes that look similar, despite being made of more modern materials. A large mirror, bath, and shower where the natural stone is the main element complete a real bathroom representative of this Italian tuscan decor. The predominant colors for the walls are those present in their close nature.

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