To Make A Removable Bird House Roof

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Amazing Bird House Roof

Bird house roof – Bird watching is an engaging and educational experience. Attract birds to your backyard is quite easy when you provide food, water and shelter for birds in your area. Set up a birdfeeder and bird bath in a safe position and build houses for the birds. In making an aviary for small birds, like the wren, nuthatch and Cinch, use recommended size for the species you are building your birdhouse for, but make removable roof for cleaning and display.

To make a removable bird house roof, starting with measure and report the wood starting from one end of the edge. Making the two sides and front of 8 inches, the rear part 11 inches. And the roof 8 and 1/4 inch to 4 inches floor. Cut the pieces with a saw. Practicing the four small drainage holes in the bottom corners and two ventilation holes in the upper part of the side pieces. Practicing an inlet hole 1 1/4 inches on the front part using a whole saw.

Nail or screw connects the two sides of the birdhouse to the rear. Fix the base to the back and sides and then the front of the sides and bottom. Place the high roof and use a large one or two small hinges for connecting the roof to the rear. Centering on a single hinge at the center of the plan. Or insert a hinge near each side when using two hinges. Insert one side of the zipper to the back and the other hand on the roof. Simply raise the bird house roof for cleaning or viewing.

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