Repairing Angry Birds Bounce House

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Angry Birds Bounce House Green

Angry Birds Bounce House – In order for a house to bounce to work, it requires continuous air to flow through it at all times. It is normal for air to come out of the seams of a farewell house and minor tears can not affect the operation of the structure if the fan can provide air faster than the leak. However, in the event of a major tear or tear, a simple patch can be using to keep the leak from spreading. Clean the area angry birds bounce house to be repairing with alcohol. Make sure there is dirt or debris from a previous repair. Cut the repair patch leaving at least an inch of the excess patch on all sides.

Be sure to cut the patch in a circular fashion as corners and straight edges tend to peel up. Curved edges remain safer, longer. Apply the adhesive to the patch. If a pre-glued patch is used, take off the protective paper. Place the patch over the tear angry birds bounce house. Press firmly, working from the center toward the outer edges. Making sure the patch fits flat against the rebound house material. Push all the air bubbles towards the edges by applying pressure. If accessible, place a patch on the back of the break, too. Wait at least two hours after placing the patch on the farewell house before refilling with air.

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