How To Paint Viking Stoves

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Modern Viking Stoves

How To Paint Viking Stoves – When the Viking founder Fred Carl Jr. discovered that commercial stoves do not work well in homes, it designed a product with similar features, but for residential kitchens. This led to the first Viking stove in the early 1980. Since that time, the Viking Range Corporation has expanded to include a cooking school and bakery. Viking stoves are metal braces. It is possible to paint a fix or to match the decor of your kitchen.

To paint a Viking stoves unplug the stove and unhook the gas, if necessary. Take the stove outdoors or in a room with plenty of ventilation such as a garage. Set the stove in a tarp to protect the floor around her. Remove any hardware including stove knobs, handles and burner caps. Wipe the outside of the heater with a grease cutting cleaner and brush. The surface must be clean before painting. If the restoration of an old stove should waste any rust or chipped paint with a wire brush and then wash it off. Let the stove dry before continuing.

Apply a primer spray high temperature of the Viking stoves following the product instructions. Hold the can six inches away from the metal to prevent operation. Practice on cardboard to perfect their technique before starting. Let the primer dry completely. Spray on a high temperature enamel paint made for metal surfaces using the same technique as with the primer. Allow the paint to dry and then apply a second layer. Replace the hardware on the stove and reconnect it to the power line and gas, if necessary.

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