Nice Exterior Decoration Of Wood Bird House

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Pine Wood Bird House

Wood bird house – A bird house can provide a nice exterior decoration of your home while attracting enjoyable wildlife around you. Construction is simple and can be a fun project for any amateur carpentry. When searching for an aviary plan, it is important to have an idea of ​​what type of bird your bird house can use. Entrance hole should be large enough for bird to enter and should be locate at proper height of base. Surface and height of roof should provide sufficient interior space also accommodate size of bird.

You will need typical construction tools, such as a drill, hammer, galvanized nails, water-resistant wood glue, sandpaper, and a saw. For finishing, you will need some kind of wood stain or paint and a brush. When choosing painting, it is good to know what kind of colors attract birds to your wood bird house is build for. You can use any type of wood you would like, depending on your tastes. It is recommended to use rough carved wood. It is at least ½ inch thick, although an inch would be better. This will help to protect interior from heat.

Some plans call for plywood, while others recommend cedar wood bird house. Some plans do not make any recommendations, so ultimately it is up to you. You can use pieces of wood you have in house, or buy lumber. Depending on design of your plan, you may have a wooden peg for outer perch.

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