Making Base Stove Top Covers

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Top Stove Top Covers

Stove top covers – To make stove top covers by Chao Tan and Tom Sponheim is easy. You must grab a large box and cut it in half. Set one half aside to cover. The other half will be the basis. Second, fold an extra piece of cardboard so that it forms a liner around the base. Third, use the reserved piece to the cover to mark a line around the side.

Then cut along this line, leaving four tabs. After that Cole aluminum foil inside the side until the top of the outer box. Place a smaller box into the opening formed by side until the flaps are horizontal and flush with the top side. And for support of base stove top covers, place some wads of papers or newspaper between the two boxes.

Check the flaps of the smaller box using a line guide. Fold these flaps down to fit around the top side and push the empty space between the base and side. Next, tuck them under the flaps of the inner box (so that they obstruct the holes in the four corners) and don’t worry to fold the tabs over before it. Now glue these pieces so that they are willing. While the glue is drying, line the inside of the inner box with aluminum foil. And the base of stove top covers was done.

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