Interior Design With A Kimberly Wood Stove

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Popular Kimberly Wood Stove

Kimberly wood stove – A wood stove heats both residential and heart. Play up your home décor by incorporating the radiant and soothing comfort of a crackling fire. A wood stove is suitable for a wide range of tempting decoration ideas for the modern, country, Victorian or urban chic home.

Modern homes tend to be minimalist. Sleek lines give this home a Spartan simplicity, although a few large statement pieces are very much part of the scheme. A stove can be one of these statement pieces. A glossy black Kimberly wood stove can be a showpiece in a room with stark white walls. On the other hand, if the stove is old and unattractive, making it blend in. If your walls are white, paint it white too. Heat-resistant paints are available in a variety of colors. Instructions from a paint retailer tackle the project yourself, or if you prefer, hire a professional to paint your wood stove.

The atmosphere of a Victorian home requires a stately Kimberly wood stove. But if your stove is not quite stately, cover it with a layer of heat-resistant paint. Consider deep emerald green, chocolate brown, subtle dove gray or soft ivory, depending on your home color scheme. Stand large, green silk foliage near the stove, but no closer than 36 inches. If you no longer use the stove, make the top a display area. Decorate it as you would a mantle or table. Place a floral or Persian rug in front of the stove for extra appeal period if the oven is used only for decorative purposes. If you still use the stove, hand paint a carpet design in front of the stove.

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