Innovative Ideas Biolite Stove

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Advantages Of Biolite Stove

Biolite stove – Wood stoves or solid fuel, have many drawbacks. Low energy efficiency, excess emissions, and they are not unhealthy for people who have to use. Well this was so until arrival of BioLite , an innovative design, which solves all above problems. BioLite has won awards such as St. Andrews Prize for Environment, and Sustainable Brands Innovations Open 2010.

Fires in an open environment are very inefficient for their great energy loss as well as toxic gases generated by incomplete combustion. design of biolite stove includes a fan that forces air intake to improve combustion. Revolution of idea, is taking a fraction of heat energy converting it into electricity. Thus achieved between 1 and 2 watts feeding air flow, and can also be used to charge a mobile phone, make use of LED lamps, or other electrical devices.

3,000 million people in world still cook with open fires. This is almost half world’s population, with problems and dangers involved. biolite stove , consume half fuel, timber, manure, straw, rice husks, weeds, etc. than conventional batteries and reduce pollutant emissions by 95%. They have two products aimed at different markets: Campstove , for mountaineers, hunters, campers, etc. avoid use with fuel transport. And for me most important HomeStove , which is aimed at people for whom use of solid fuels is not an alternative, but a daily necessity. With profits from sale of Campstove hope to subsidize part of cost of this model and to accelerate their market introduction.

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