Ideal Swallow Bird Nest House

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Diy Swallow Bird Nest House

Swallow bird nest house – Birds such as swallows, robins, blackbirds and hummingbirds are essential for a healthy garden. Whether as pollinators or as a natural pest control, having birds among our plants is a sign that we take care of biodiversity of our garden. So, how to make a house to attract birds? Do you enjoy relaxing moments watching birds gather in your garden? You simply need to put a couple of houses and nests, provide food and fresh water.

Then, use objects you find in your garage, basement or in a garage sale to make a swallow bird nest house. Transform a metal coffeepot, a terra cotta pitcher or a canteen into a bird house. Drill a hole, place a hanger and then use a string or a rope to hang it. Pumpkins also create interesting bird houses. Then, you can clean and dry a pumpkin itself or find pumpkins already prepared for use. Drill a hole size appropriate to attract type of birds you want, paint outside of pumpkin and place a rope to hang it.

Swallow bird nest house need places to band water to drink. If you live in a warm, dry climate where there are few places for birds to drink clean water. Then, you should install water containers (you can recycle food containers that you no longer use). If you can, install a small pond for them. Birds will feel more attracted and also explore area.

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