Fresh Tropical Bird House Painting Theme

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Themed Tropical Bird House

Tropical bird house – If you have pumpkins left over from your fall decorating is turning them into birdhouses with your children a great rainy day activity. Decorate the finished product is one of the most enjoyable parts to create a gourd birdhouse because it allows you to be creative and personify the birdhouse look. You can decorate a pumpkin in a variety of ways. If you are artistically challenge, you can wind up with a fun, attractive birdhouse that you are proud to hang in your yard.

Painting is one of the easiest and most common ways to decorate a gourd birdhouse. It allows for creativity, because the paint comes in many colors. Use an exterior paint, so the final stop when you hang the tropical bird house outdoors. Apply an exterior primer before painting ensures color the best application. Use a single shade for the whole house or create a pattern with multiple colors.

Stripes are easy to make with a ruler and painters tape. You can also use small stencils to paint shapes like stars, hearts and flowers on the gourd. Freehand a design if you are artistically inclined. When finished painting tropical bird house, coat it with clear sealing product as spray polyurethane protect the finish.

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