DIY Decorative Bird Houses For Inside

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Decorative Bird Houses For Inside Small

Decorative Bird Houses For Inside – These little houses of birds install a springtime climate in your home at the same time. I’m super happy that spring is coming, I want you to come by my house first! It seems that this season makes me creative. So much so that I am preparing several projects to pretend that spring is already here. To make these houses I used super simple and easy to get materials.

You can vary the colors decorative bird houses for inside to your preference, I am just showing you some examples so you can see examples of materials that you can use to make an impact on the decoration of your house. Let’s start by the little house on the left, which is the little house decorated with seeds. To start, I trimmed the box. I cut a circle in the box so that the little bird can enter. I lined the little house with white paper and then made the lid in the same way as a ceiling.

With the spray glue, I applied the corn flour on decorative bird houses for inside. And then with the heat gun, I added other details with sunflower seeds, spices and other seeds of different colors. Be careful with the hot glue. With a beetle cut the wood stick about 6 cm and install it making a hole to embed it in the cottage.

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