Cozy And Warm Feeling With Modern Wood Stove

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Interior Modern Wood Stove

Modern wood stove – The smell of wood smoke wakes us yearnings, dreams and nostalgia. That is the aroma producing stoves that heat with this friendly material. Their presence is more common in the garden because they require more space and good ventilation. However, now stoves and wood stoves also captivate homeowners in the city that have a patio or terrace, or a house with rustic charm.

Modern wood stove can coexist with any style you have your house, adjusting the spaces and design that you make, as their presence is usually very decorative.  the terrace with modern acquires a cozy, warm feeling with the presence of this brick oven base; on two levels which is distributed in an orderly area reserved for cooking and fuel (wood) that adds decoration to the environment area.

Located in the center of the room, this stove becomes the heat source for the entire household, in addition to being a modern wood stove interior, will spread and better temperature is maintained. Makes your design the center of attention around the space, the importance of this element itself, not place other visual distraction in terms of decoration is concerned. The color provided by the stove, breaks the monochrome space, giving visual dynamism.

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