Cherry Blossom Baby Crib Bedding

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Cherry blossom baby bedding is undeniably adorable. The beauty and girlish pink combined with flower will make everyone who sees it fall in love with it. Cherry blossom has a long-time meaning of beauty and preciousness, so this is such a perfect concept for your precious kids. Cherry blossom won’t look too mature if you know how to do it right. Here are the ideas. There are lots of childish cherry blossom printed bed sheet out there and you can always grab one. If you’re going to paint the wall in pink, then leave the other furniture in white. However, if you leave the wall in white, you may have pink chair and of course, pink baby crib. Attaching cherry blossom hanging toy over the baby crib will be beautiful as well. We have lots of cherry blossom wall sticker nowadays. If you think that the baby crib is too plain white, you can also stick some stickers on it.

Playful Cherry Blossom Baby Bedding

Cherry blossom baby shouldn’t to be pink and white. Since it’s for kids, the colorful one will be okay, but do it in similar tone. Paint the crib into dark brown, as if it were the branch, with cherry blossom printed bed sheet over it will turn your baby bedding into the whole tree. How beautiful!

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