Birds Eye View House Plan

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Birds Eye View House Plan Addition

Birds eye view house plan – Plan a room can be a daunting task, but if you draw a plan of furniture placement, you will be on your way to well-designed rooms. Remember to draw a layout of a room does not require exceptional artistic skill. All you need is the ability to use a pen and a ruler to birds eye view house plan.


Before you start drawing, you must know the dimensions of your room so that you can take to scale. Use a tape measure to measure each wall of the room. If the room has built-in shelving or alcoves, including these. Measure each door and window, and note where the sockets are placed.

Using the graph paper and a scale where a square is equal to 1 square meter. This will help you plan effectively, since your measurements are displayed on your paper as they do in your place. Start with the paper oriented in the same way as your room, so that the longest edge of the paper shows your longest wall. Continue this until your room materialized on paper before.

Measure all the furniture that you have in your room or furniture you want to buy. Draw your furniture in birds eye view house plan on a separate piece of graph paper, using the same scale you used your room.  Cut out the furniture. Rearrange your furniture to paper. Playing with all kinds of layouts until you find the best. Now you are ready to work on your real room, with the perfect birds eye view house plan in hand.

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